The Neuromuscular Disease Network for Canada


Network development

Bringing people together to achieve joint goals and share expertise is a crucial foundation for better research and care across Canada. NMD4C is a sustainable network of NMD stakeholders: clinicians and other healthcare professionals, researchers, and patient organizations. Participants share expertise and collaborate through joint research and knowledge translation opportunities.  The network’s membership base is inclusive and new members are invited to participate in all aspects of the work program.

Networks provide opportunities to share not only expertise but also the infrastructural resources that underpin much research work. Much clinical and basic science research in NMDs depends heavily on access to resources such as patient registries, biobanks and clinical trial coordination. Developing the resources requires significant investment of time and resources, and duplication of effort should be avoided. Further, they must be readily known and available to researchers across Canada. Thus, such resources are best embedded in a national networking and infrastructural effort where they can seek sustainability and are available for future research projects.


  • Memorandum of Understanding with MDC
  • External progress report for MDC and IMHA
  • Network Charter
  • Network Sustainability Plan

Relevant publications

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