The Neuromuscular Disease Network for Canada


Graduate student position | Burelle Lab

Location: Ottawa, ON

Institution: University of Ottawa

Contact: Dr Yan Burelle |


Position Description

The Burelle lab is currently seeking to recruit motivated students at the MSc and/or Ph.D. level to pursue an exciting research program to elucidate the role of mitochondrial quality control, specifically mitophagy, in the regulation of satellite stem (SCs) cell fate decision and the maintenance of long-term muscle regenerative capacity.

Students pursuing a project in the lab will be able to use recently developed mouse models that allow monitoring and modulation of mitophagy in SCs.

They will learn state-of -the-art techniques to analyze stem cell fate, and multiple aspects of the mitochondrial phenotype in vitro in primary cells, in situ in single muscle fiber cultures and in vivo in models of muscle regeneration. The project will also expose trainees to multiple approaches including cell sorting, transcriptomics analysis using RNAseq, confocal and electron microscopy imaging and proteomics.

The Burelle lab is located in the Roger Guindon building within the uOttawa medical complex, which offer a dynamic multidisciplinary environment and access to several core facilities.

Dr Burelle is part of several research networks including MITO2i, the Neuromuscular Disease for Canada (CNMD4C), and Ontario Institute of Regenerative Medicine (OIRM), which offers great networking opportunities.

Full financial support is also available for talented candidates.

To apply, please contact Dr. Yan Burelle at