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Dr. Gagné-Ouellet is a research professional on Dr. Cynthia Gagnon’s team. She has a Ph.D. in biochemistry and functional genomics from the Université de Sherbrooke in the field of epigenetics and fetal metabolic programming. Her research has focused on the involvement of epigenetic mechanisms in the development of childhood obesity. She also completed an internship at the Harvard Pilgrim Health Care Institute, affiliated with Harvard Medical School, to learn the basics of bioinformatics analysis of megadata. During her studies, Valérie showed great interest and skills in knowledge translation. She joined the team of CORAMH, a non-profit organization that aims to raise public awareness about hereditary diseases through knowledge transfer tools and conferences/workshops in schools.

Valérie is a knowledge broker for NMD4C. Her main functions are to support the development of knowledge and skills, define barriers, and reduce the knowledge-to-action gap by developing various tools including clinical practice guidelines in the NMD field.

Recent publications

Gagné-Ouellet, V, Breton, E, Thibeault, K, Fortin, CA, Desgagné, V, Girard Tremblay, É et al.. Placental Epigenome-Wide Association Study Identified Loci Associated with Childhood Adiposity at 3 Years of Age. Int J Mol Sci. 2020.21 (19) PMID:33003475

Gagné-Ouellet, V, Breton, E, Thibeault, K, Fortin, CA, Cardenas, A, Guérin, R et al.. Mediation Analysis Supports a Causal Relationship between Maternal Hyperglycemia and Placental DNA Methylation Variations at the Leptin Gene Locus and Cord Blood Leptin Levels. Int J Mol Sci. 2020.21 (1) PMID:31947745

Breton, E, Gagné-Ouellet, V, Thibeault, K, Guérin, R, Van Lieshout, R, Perron, P et al.. Placental NEGR1 DNA methylation is associated with BMI and neurodevelopment in preschool-age children. Epigenetics. 2020.15 (3)323-335 PMID:31510847

Larouche, M, Gagné-Ouellet, V, Boucher-Lafleur, AM, Larose, MC, Plante, S, Madore, AM et al.. Methylation profiles of IL33 and CCL26 in bronchial epithelial cells are associated with asthma. Epigenomics. 2018.10 (12)1555-1568 PMID:30468398

Cardenas, A, Gagné-Ouellet, V, Allard, C, Brisson, D, Perron, P, Bouchard, L et al.. Placental DNA Methylation Adaptation to Maternal Glycemic Response in Pregnancy. Diabetes. 2018.67 (8)1673-1683 PMID:29752424

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