Myogenesis discussion group seminar - June 2022 poster


Jun 27 2022


14:00 - 15:00

Myogenesis Discussion Group Seminar | Dr. Will Wang, Dr. Allen Teng

The Myogenesis Discussion Group host a seminar series on skeletal, cardiac and smooth muscle research held virtually on the last Monday of each month.

This month’s presenters:

  • Will Wang, PhD, Stanford University: “A single cell spatial temporal atlas of skeletal muscle reveals cellular neighborhoods that orchestrate regeneration and become disrupted in aging.”
  • Allen Teng, PhD, University of Toronto: “Tmem65 is critical for the function and structure of the intercalated discs in vivo.”


To register for this event:

Contact event organizers Dr. Louise Moyle, Matthew Rok, and Dr. Mo Zhao.


About the Myogenesis Discussion Group:

The goal of this discussion group is to explore models of development, disease, and regeneration in muscle tissues, as well as potential therapeutic approaches. Within this, they aim to discuss novel techniques to quantitatively measure all aspects of myology and the challenges associated with developing representative models for these complex tissues.

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