Pillar 1: Pre-Clinical Science

We work to support preclinical researchers and strengthen cutting-edge basic research through new open-science-focused mechanisms to share protocols and expertise, exchange training in novel technologies across cutting-edge cell and animal models and improve access to biomaterials. 

Cell-Based Research

We work to provide access to cutting-edge research training, creating a broader skills base across the NMD cell-based research community by supporting individualized training visits to upskill NMD trainees and expanding access to innovative techniques. 

Animal-Based Research

We work to provide outcome measure training in pre-clinical animal models, develop a shared resource for publishing research protocols, and provide training opportunities through an annual research trainee summer school.

Human Samples & Biobanking

We connect Canadian biobanks through our virtual catalogue framework, allowing improved access to biomaterials and includes a module to facilitate consent for secondary use of samples with a focus on data interoperability, indigenous data sovereignty, and informed patient consent.

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