Pillar 2: Clinical Research

We are working to increase clinical research capacity in Canada by developing joint research resources, upskilling and promoting Canadian trial sites in our Canadian clinical trial network, supporting the creation of new NMD patient registries, and uniting local efforts across Canada in outcome measure and natural history research.

Clinical Trial Network

NMD4C are creating a Canadian clinical trial network to offer a single entry-point for Canadian NMD clinical trials, uniting trial sites to share expertise, harmonizing trial processes, and offering training, mentorship and other resource needs to build capacity.

Participant Recruitment and Evidence Collection

NMD4C are supporting the CNDR to create additional NMD registries, trialing the capture of systemic complications of NMDs, and building a framework to collect long-term post-marketing surveillance data collection across Canada.


Outcome Measures and Natural History

NMD4C are supporting the development of NMD outcome measures, developing training modules and provide training on validated NMD outcome measures, and selecting patient-reported outcome measures to be captured in post-market surveillance patient registries.