Clinical Research Curriculum Development

The NMD4C Clinical Research Curriculum Development Working Group is led by Dr. Hernan Gonorazky, and works towards standardizing a curriculum for the training of clinical fellows in neuromuscular medicine in Canada. Currently there does not exist a standardized education curriculum for neuromuscular medicine in Canada; high-quality neuromuscular training is available through the many fellowships in Canada, and the NMD4C is committed to working with these existing programs to standardize the training and education of the next generation of neuromuscular clinicians.

Canadian Neuromuscular Fellowship Programs

Through landscaping work conducted in 2020, the working group identified the 14 neuromuscular fellowships directors that currently exist in Canada. Feedback from the existing neuromuscular fellowship directors continues to be a priority for all activities of the working group, as their expertise in Canadian neuromuscular training is invaluable. The working group has established a map of Canadian neuromuscular fellowships that presents prospective clinical fellows all of the options they have open to them for training in neuromuscular medicine in Canada.

Area of Focused Competency in Neuromuscular Medicine

Through consultation with these program directors and other neuromuscular experts, the working group have submitted an application to the Royal College of Physicians and Surgeons of Canada for an Area of Focused Competence (AFC) in the discipline of neuromuscular medicine. This designation would establish a national standard for training and specialist competence, provide Fellows with additional opportunities to acquire nationally and internationally portable credentials, and prevent unnecessary fragmentation of specialty training, care and practice by providing credentials in highly focused areas of practice. While This application is expected to take 1-2 years from application to implementation, it represents a significant milestone in the establishment of a Canadian neuromuscular curriculum. In the meantime, the working group will continue to strengthen the resources available for neuromuscular trainees and Fellows.

Neuromuscular Training

We will continue developing resources to help guide and shape the training that is available for neuromuscular fellows, clinicians and medical students interested in pursuing neuromuscular medicine. The team is working to develop a neuromuscular roadmap, a curated continuing education tool that will consist of expert presentations, technical resources, and practical training to allow all neuromuscular clinicians an opportunity to enhance and develop their skill sets and knowledge.

National Neuromuscular Lecture Series

The National Neuromuscular Lecture Series (NNLS) launched in August 2022. The NNLS is a year-long curriculum for neuromuscular fellows, developed by the curriculum working group together with the directors of fellowship programs across Canada. The NNLS contains 41 topics which constitute a comprehensive base of neuromuscular knowledge, with a weekly lecture presented by subject-matter experts on each topic. The program is CPD-accredited and has provided 35 hours of training to date.