Request for Applications - 2025 MDF Research Fellowships & Grants

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Application Deadline: 07/24/2024
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The Myotonic dystrophy foundation announced the upcoming launch in April of four grant programs aimed at accelerating research efforts to improve the lives of individuals affected by myotonic dystrophy and pave the way toward finding effective treatments and ultimately a cure for this challenging condition.

2025 Research Fellow RFA

Opening on April 12, 2024, MDF’s flagship research grant program offers two-year fellowships for pre- and postdoctoral researchers (Doctoral: $55,000/ Postdoctoral: $105,000) focusing on innovative studies relevant to the pathogenesis of DM, disease progression, clinical management, and therapeutic and diagnostic development. Applications are due September 13, 2024. Doctoral and postdoctoral scholars apply now to advance research in myotonic dystrophy!

2025 Early Career Scholars RFA

Also opening on April 12, 2024, this program offers two-year Early Career Research awards dedicated to enhancing treatment, care, and support for DM patients and their families, as well as advancing molecular biology and basic science research in DM for $190,000. Applications are due by September 13, 2024. Young investigators apply now to contribute to the advancement of myotonic dystrophy research!

Small Grants Program RFA

This new initiative offers funding for publishing DM-related research in open-access journals or presenting at scientific conferences, fostering collaboration, and propelling advancements in DM understanding and treatment. Applications are accepted on a rolling basis, subject to fund availability, starting from April 12, 2024. Funding is capped at $5,000 for open-access fees/ $2,500 for conference travel. Apply now to increase access to DM research!

Pilot Grants Program RFA

Unveiling a new opportunity, this program provides $50,000 in one-year support for DM researchers to explore innovative ideas and conduct preliminary investigations. This funding can allow researchers to gather essential data and generate preliminary findings that can lay the foundation for larger-scale research projects. Applications are due by July 12, 2024. DM researchers apply now to explore innovative research ideas and pave the way for future research endeavors!

These exciting funding opportunities underscore the MDF’s ongoing dedication to supporting innovative research that will lead to improved treatments and outcomes for individuals living with myotonic dystrophy.


Learn more about the MDF programs and get ready to apply!

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