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Victoria Hodgkinson


National Program Manager at the Canadian Neuromuscular Disease Registry

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Dr. Hodgkinson is the National Program Manager for the Canadian Neuromuscular Disease Registry, where she oversees the scientific management and coordination of national patient registries in neuromuscular disease. Her work involves management of the registry network, development and review of registry datasets, and research project design and scientific analyses. She is actively engaged in global collaborative projects to share data for common purposes, improve registry design and utility worldwide, and also acts as co-chair of the global TREAT-NMD SMA Registries group. Through this work she is involved in consensus building within Canada and globally. Before joining the CNDR, Victoria worked in business development with Innovate Calgary and the University of Calgary helping facilitate research partnerships between not-for-profits, industry, and academics.
Dr. Hodgkinson received her BA in Biology from Cornell University (NY, USA), and her Ph.D. in Biochemistry from the University of Missouri (MO, USA), where her work work focused on copper homeostasis in the central and peripheral nervous systems. Following her Ph.D. Victoria completed postdoctoral training in electrophysiology and calcium channel regulation at the University of Calgary. Throughout her training in both the US and Canada, Victoria also taught undergraduate and graduate level courses in biochemistry, cell biology, advanced microscopy, health research literacy, and epidemiology.

Recent publications

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Hodgkinson, VL, Lounsberry, J, Mirian, A, Genge, A, Benstead, T, Briemberg, H et al.. Provincial Differences in the Diagnosis and Care of Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis. Can J Neurol Sci. 2018.45 (6)652-659 PMID:30430962

Garcia-Caballero, A, Zhang, FX, Hodgkinson, V, Huang, J, Chen, L, Souza, IA et al.. T-type calcium channels functionally interact with spectrin (α/β) and ankyrin B. Mol Brain. 2018.11 (1)24 PMID:29720258

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