Monday April 29th Myogenesis discussion group seminar


Apr 29 2024


14:00 - 15:00



Deciphering the Dynamics of Muscle Stem Cell Reservoirs | Myogenesis Discussion Group Seminar

The Myogenesis Discussion Group host a seminar series on skeletal, cardiac and smooth muscle research held virtually on the last Monday of each month. 

Speaker: Dr. Josephine Bageritz | Group Leader, Heidelberg University, Heidelberg, Germany

  • Dr. Josephine Bageritz is an Independent Group Leader at Heidelberg University, where she leads research on the developmental dynamics of muscle stem cells using Drosophila as a model system. Dr. Bageritz is dedicated to deconstructing the dynamic interactions between muscle stem cells and their niches. Her lab focuses on uncovering the cellular and molecular mechanisms that control the number of muscle stem cells during development, which illuminates how the functionality of adult muscles is predetermined and influenced by environmental and lifestyle factors. Her research incorporates single-cell RNA sequencing and the development of spatial transcriptomic methods alongside high-content image analysis, which are pivotal in decoding complex cellular phenotypes and advancing our understanding of tissue regeneration and aging.

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About the Myogenesis Discussion Group: 

  • The goal of this discussion group is to explore models of development, disease, and regeneration in muscle tissues, as well as potential therapeutic approaches. Within this, they aim to discuss novel techniques to quantitatively measure all aspects of myology and the challenges associated with developing representative models for these complex tissues. 

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