Meet the Fellows Video Series

Meet the talented individuals who were awarded clinical and research fellowship funding from the Neuromuscular Disease Network for Canada (NMD4C), Muscular Dystrophy Canada (MDC), and the Canadian Society of Clinical Neurophysiologists (CSCN)!


The NMD4C and MDC are excited to share a new videos series featuring the five incredible fellows: Drs. Emanuela Pannia, Rebecca Robertson, Collin Luk, Marianne Nury and Alasdair Rathbone, recipients of the Neuromuscular Clinical and Research fellowship funding in 2022. Learn more about them as individuals, how they first became involved with NMD research, the people and experiences that have made a significant impact on their career, a piece of advice they would give others considering a career in NMD research, what excites them about their work, how they see their field advancing and ways we can better support patients.

In the second video of the Meet The Fellows video series we hear from Dr. Pannia, Dr. Robertson, Dr. Luk, Dr. Rathbone, and Dr. Nury on the people and experiences that have had a significant impact on their career. They also share their top piece of advice for anyone considering a career in neuromuscular disorder research or care.

Video #1 – Introduction


Video #2 – Who are the people and what are the experiences that have had a significant impact on their career?

Video #3 – What Excites You the Most About Your Work?

Thank you to the incredible donors and supporters who have made the funding of these five incredible individuals possible. We look forward to learning more about them as the series unfolds.

Meet the Fellows - now live

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NMD4C launches early career awards for 2022.

NMD4C Early Career Award Nominations Now Open

This initiative will allow NMD4C early-career members to be nominated for one of four awards, celebrating excellence and contribution to the neuromuscular field in both clinical and basic science streams.


Clinical and Postdoctoral Research Fellowship Funding Competition from NMD4C, MDC, CSCN Now Open!

The NMD4C, in partnership with Muscular Dystrophy Canada (MDC) is now accepting applications for Post-doctoral Research Fellowships and Clinical Fellowships! These competitions are now open, and will close on November 14, 2022.

National Neuromuscular Lecture Series

National Neuromuscular Lecture Series Provides Training Opportunity for Neuromuscular Clinical Fellows

The NMD4C curriculum working group is pleased to share that the inaugural “National Neuromuscular Lecture Series” kicked off this August 12, 2022. This year-long training curriculum for current Canadian neuromuscular fellows has been developed in consultation with the directors of fellowship programs across Canada. The group decided on 41 topics which constitute a comprehensive neuromuscular knowledge base and identified subject-matter experts from across the country to deliver the weekly lectures.

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imPORTND Patient-Oriented Research Training for Neuromuscular Disease Seeks Research Teams for Testing

The NMD4C is excited to introduce our online training platform “imPORTND”, created to help scientists engage with patient partners in research. These modules are designed for all neuromuscular research team members including researchers, staff, and patient partners. imPORTND has been co-developed with a team of expert patient partners, clinicians, and researchers, and offer two modules to help scientists engage with patient partners in research. It is the first patient-oriented research training that focuses specifically on neuromuscular disease.

Myotonic dystrophy foundation logo

2023 Myotonic Dystrophy Foundation Early Career Research Grant

The MDF will issue up to two two-year awards of up to $380,000 at $190,000 per award for early career scholars in the DM field for projects that focus on basic, translational and/or clinical research or care projects in myotonic dystrophy.

welcome to the team - Kevin LaFleur

NMD4C Hire Research Software Developer

The NMD4C are pleased to announce the hiring of research software developer Kevin LaFleur as the most recent addition to the network’s biobanking team! Kevin will develop the technical infrastructure for a centralized Canadian neuromuscular biobanking catalogue.