NMD4C and MDC Announce Plans for Neuromuscular Community of Practice

Together with Muscular Dystrophy Canada we are thrilled to announce a new community of practice (COP) initiative for healthcare professionals (HCP) who care for patients with neuromuscular disease.

In response to the dynamic and rapidly advancing landscape of therapies for neuromuscular disorders (NMDs), this CoP will address the need for a centralized hub for neuromuscular HCPs, fostering collaboration, knowledge exchange, and skill enhancement to elevate NMD research and care across Canada. 

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Providing Support Where It’s Needed 

The CoP will offer opportunities for knowledge exchange and joint upskilling for neuromuscular HCPs nationwide. Many Canadian HCPs encounter limitations in exchanging ideas and accessing tailored neuromuscular training from outside of their individual healthcare centers. The CoP will bridge these gaps to provide specific training opportunities to collectively strengthen and unite neuromuscular HCPs across Canada. 

Focused Areas of Impact

We will focus initially on key areas where specific training and collaboration will provide the most benefit, including training for conducting clinical trials in Canada, advancing physical medicine and rehabilitation, and conducting outcome measures for NMD therapies, which are crucial for supporting therapy reimbursement in Canada. 

Who Is This CoP For? 

The CoP will facilitate connections primarily among rehabilitation specialists, physiatrists, and clinical trial coordinators. We aim to create an inclusive environment where expertise from a variety of roles is welcomed, and we invite neuromuscular stakeholders from beyond these roles to join us.  

How to Get Involved 

Individuals who are interested in participating in the CoP can express their interest by joining the NMD4C. If you are already a member of the network, we will provide updates soon on how you can participate in the CoP! Join the NMD4C to be contacted about the CoP!

For more information, please visit the CoP web page or contact the Community of Practice Manager Dr. Maria Masnata.

Canadian Neuromuscular Community of Practice

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Canadian Neuromuscular Community of Practice

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