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The BRAIN Conference | Two-day online conference

BRAIN has published landmark papers in clinical neurology and translational neuroscience since 1878. The Guarantors of BRAIN are devoted to promoting teaching, education & research in neurology and related disciplines.

BRAIN and its Guarantors are excited to announce a new venture: The BRAIN Conference! This two-day conference will feature a selection of fantastic speakers, invited by our conference Chairs from around the globe.

They will deliver clinical teaching talks and research presentations across the range of neurology, neuropsychiatry and neuroscience.

This conference will take place on March 4-5th 2021 and be fully online.
The following areas will be covered:

Cognitive Neurology (Chair: Masud Husain)
Epilepsy (Chair: Dimitri Kullman)
Neurodegenerative (Chair: Anne Rosser),
Neurogenetics (Chair: Nicholas Wood),
Headache (Chair: Peter Goadsby),
Traumatic Brain Injury (Chair: Dave Sharp),
Nerve (Chair: Mary Reilly),
Stroke (Chair: Hugh Markus),
Neuroinflammation/MS (Chair: Olga Ciccarelli),
Movement Disorders (Chair: Anette Schrag),
Infectious Disease (Chair: Tom Solomon),
Neuropsychiatry (Chair: Paul Fletcher),
COVID Neurology (Chair: Mike Zandi) and
Muscle (Chair: Mike Hanna)

There will also have short ‘data blitz’ presentations in these sessions – BRAIN encourages all early-career researchers to submit an abstract to be considered.
Abstract submission now open!

BRAIN is keen to make this conference accessible to all – registration is only GBP 10 [free if you cannot afford this].


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Visit the BRAIN Conference website for registration and program information:

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