Alasdair Rathbone

Alasdair Rathbone

Clinical Fellowship Funding Recipient

University Hospital, London Health Sciences Centre


Dr. Rathbone was born and raised in Hamilton, Ontario. He attended McMaster University to study Kinesiology followed by Western University in London, Ontario for his medical degree. Dr. Rathbone is currently completing his Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation residency at Queen’s University in Kingston, Ontario.

He has been interested in electrodiagnostics, neuromuscular medicine and pain management since early in his training. In residency, he has developed skills in interventional pain management and electrodiagnostics. Dr. Rathbone is excited to undertake fellowship training to improve his skills in neuromuscular medicine. His research interests have focused on myofascial pain syndrome and quantitative electromyography.

Outside of work he is passionate about music (as a long time saxophone player), plants (he has over 100), playing hockey, history and spending time with his wonderful partner. He hopes to return eventually to Kingston to practice.

Dr. Alisdair Rathbone is one of three recipients of the NMD4C, MDC, and CSCN Clinical Fellowship funding competition, which awarded national clinical fellowships in neuromuscular medicine and electromyography.

Recent Publications

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