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Network Manager at NMD4C

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Erin is the Network Manager for NMD4C. She graduated with a BSc in microbiology & immunology and an MSc in pharmacology from Dalhousie University, and a PhD in laboratory medicine & pathobiology from the University of Toronto. Her research focused on cardiac excitation-contraction coupling and electrical/molecular remodeling in cardiac arrhythmias. Since completing her graduate work, she has worked as a research & development scientist and medical writer at a clinical research organization specializing in respiratory clinical trials, a clinical science consultant, and a research coordinator at the IBD Centre at CHEO.

Recent publications

Nair K, Umapathy K, Farid T, Masse S, Mueller E, Sivanandan RV, Poku K, Rao V, Nair V, Butany J, Ideker RE, Nanthakumar K.Intramural activation during early human ventricular fibrillation. Circ Arrhythm Electrophysiol, 4(5): 692-703, 2011.

Mueller EE, Momen A, Massé S, Zhou YQ, Liu J, Backx PH, Henkelman RM, Nanthakumar K, Stewart DJ, Husain M.Electrical remodelling precedes heart failure in an endothelin-1 induced model of cardiomyopathy. Cardiovasc Res, 89(3): 623-33, 2011.

Mueller EE, Grandy SA, Ferrier GR, Howlett SE.PKA-mediated phosphorylation contributes to enhanced contraction observed in mice that over-express β-adrenergic receptor kinase--1. J Pharmacol Exp Ther, Dec; 319(3): 1307-16, 2006.

Grandy SA, Mueller EE, Ferrier GR, Howlett SE.The role of β-adrenergic receptor signaling in regulation of cardiac contraction. Recent Res Dev Physiol, 2: 1-19, 2004.

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