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Jodi Warman Chardon

Dr. Jodi Warman Chardon - NMD4C investigator and steering committee member

Clinician-Scientist, The Ottawa Hospital; Associate Scientist, OHRI; Scientist, CHEORI; Associate Professor of Neurology, University of Ottawa

Director, NeuroMuscular Centre, The Ottawa Hospital; Co-Director, uOBMRI Centre for Neuromuscular Disease

NMD4C Working Group(s): Biobanking, Early Career

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Dr. Jodi Warman Chardon is a Clinician-Scientist in the Department of Medicine at the Ottawa Hospital, Ottawa Hospital Research Institute (OHRI) in Neurosciences and Clinical Epidemiology and Department of Genetics at the Children’s Hospital of Eastern Ontario/CHEO RI. She is a Tier 2 Clinical Research Chair in Diagnosis and Discovery Pipeline for Patients with Genetic Neuromuscular Disease and Associate Professor of Neurology at University of Ottawa. She led the strategic development and is now Director of the Ottawa Hospital Neuromuscular Centre, a diagnostic clinical research centre for patients with NMD. She is also co-director (with Dr Robin Parks) of the uOttawa Centre for Neuromuscular Disease, which unites over 60 clinical and basic NMD researchers.

Dr. Warman received her MD/Neurology residency at the University of Ottawa and MSc from Queen’s University.  She completed research and clinical fellowships in neuromuscular disorders from McGill University and neurogenetics at the University of Ottawa and is certified by the Canadian Society of Clinical Neurophysiologists (EMG).

Dr. Warman’s clinical research focuses on improved genomic and imaging studies for patients with inherited myopathies and neuromuscular disorders. She represents adult NMDs as a member of the NMD4C Steering Committee and will ensure that the next generation of NMD scientists and clinicians is engaged in all activities of the work plan. She participates in genomics education for the network, leading on engaging trainees and early-career researchers.

Recent Publications

Huang, L, Warman-Chardon, J, Carter, MT, Friend, KL, Dudding, TE, Schwartzentruber, J et al.. Correction to: Missense mutations in ITPR1 cause autosomal dominant congenital nonprogressive spinocerebellar ataxia. Orphanet J Rare Dis. 2022.17 (1)143 PMID:35351177

Zwicker, JC, Breiner, A, Warman-Chardon, JP, Bourque, PR. Multifocal acquired demyelinating sensory and motor neuropathy presenting with a unilateral radial neuropathy. Muscle Nerve. 2022.65 (5)E21-E23 PMID:35146762

Gotesman, RD, Lalonde, E, McKim, DA, Bourque, PR, Warman-Chardon, J, Zwicker, J et al.. Laryngospasm in amyotrophic lateral sclerosis. Muscle Nerve. 2022.65 (4)400-404 PMID:34817079

Thebault, S, Gibbs, E, Bourque, P, McKim, D, Rakhra, K, Breiner, A et al.. MuSK not MNGIE: Atypical MuSK-antibody myasthenia presenting as a genetic disorder. Neuromuscul Disord. 2021.31 (12)1279-1281 PMID:34690051

Bourque, PR, Rakhra, KS, Zwicker, J, Pringle, CE, Warman-Chardon, J. Pseudohypertrophy of the extensor digitorum brevis in diabetic polyneuropathy. Muscle Nerve. 2021.64 (4)E20-E22 PMID:34296440

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