Linda Niksic

Patient partner Linda Niksic

Patient Partner

Patient Partner, Researcher, Educator, Infrastructure Developer

NMD4C Involvement: Education and Training/Curriculum for Neuromuscular Specialists, Preclinical Science, Community of Practice


Linda Niksic is dedicated to improving the lives of individuals and building capacity in organizations, to be purposeful, inclusive by design, user centric and high performing.  With over 20 years of experience in federal public service and in non-profit, municipal government, private and academic sectors, Linda’s leadership and experience living with muscular dystrophy, has led to sustainable results improving our community.  This includes public relations work to help save Ottawa’s historic Aberdeen Pavilion from demolition, to leading a Youth Safety Audit in Ottawa’s Chinatown where young women requested a bus stop relocation from in front of a pool hall, to in front of a drug store, where they would feel safer waiting for their bus.  Linda was also listed by the principal of Ottawa’s St. Anthony’s School at its 100-year celebration as one of the people who made a difference for St. Anthony School, 15 years after she worked at the school as a Community Developer.  Linda has also interviewed Canadians across Canada who are homeless, living on the streets or living in overcrowded and unsafe conditions, and she has used their stories and insights to further policy development, research, and evaluation in the federal government.