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Marine Theret

Marine Theret 3x2


Post-Doctoral Fellow, Rossi Lab, University of British Columbia

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Research Interests: inflammation, repair, regeneration, fibrosis

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Dr. Theret graduated from the University of Nantes (France) in 2009 before undertaking a Master degree at Pierre et Marie Curie University in Paris. She then started her PhD in Dr. Benedicte Chazaud’s laboratory at Descartes University and defended in 2015. Under the supervision of Dr. Rémi Mounier, she focused on the role of metabolism on inflammation resolution and muscle stem cell fate.

In 2016 she started her post-doctoral fellowship under the supervision of Dr. Fabio Rossi at the University of British Columbia. She now works on the cellular interactions between tissue resident mesenchymal stromal cells and the inflammatory milieu, which are primordial for skeletal muscle homeostasis, regeneration, and repair. Her research extends beyond the skeletal muscle tissue as it includes other inflammatory chronic diseases such as asthma or multiple sclerosis.

Recent publications

Soliman, H, Theret, M, Scott, W, Hill, L, Underhill, TM, Hinz, B et al.. Multipotent stromal cells: One name, multiple identities. Cell Stem Cell. 2021.28 (10)1690-1707 PMID:34624231

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Yamamoto, S, Malakoutian, M, Theret, M, Street, J, Rossi, F, Brown, SHM et al.. The Effect of Posterior Lumbar Spinal Surgery on Biomechanical Properties of Rat Paraspinal Muscles 13 Weeks After Surgery. Spine (Phila Pa 1976). 2021.46 (21)E1125-E1135 PMID:34156788

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Theret, M, Low, M, Rempel, L, Li, FF, Tung, LW, Contreras, O et al.. In vitro assessment of anti-fibrotic drug activity does not predict in vivo efficacy in murine models of Duchenne muscular dystrophy. Life Sci. 2021.279 119482 PMID:33891939

White, Z, Hakim, CH, Theret, M, Yang, NN, Rossi, F, Cox, D et al.. High prevalence of plasma lipid abnormalities in human and canine Duchenne and Becker muscular dystrophies depicts a new type of primary genetic dyslipidemia. J Clin Lipidol. .14 (4)459-469.e0 PMID:32593511

Contreras, O, Soliman, H, Theret, M, Rossi, FMV, Brandan, E. TGF-β-driven downregulation of the transcription factor TCF7L2 affects Wnt/β-catenin signaling in PDGFRα+ fibroblasts. J Cell Sci. 2020.133 (12) PMID:32434871

McArthur, S, Juban, G, Gobbetti, T, Desgeorges, T, Theret, M, Gondin, J et al.. Annexin A1 drives macrophage skewing to accelerate muscle regeneration through AMPK activation. J Clin Invest. 2020.130 (3)1156-1167 PMID:32015229

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