Pillar 3: Clinical Practice Research

We are working to improve NMD clinical care and bring more NMD treatments from clinical research into clinical practice by advocating for access to therapies, providing evidence of efficacy beyond trial populations, developing a NMD community of practice, and training/educating NMD specialists on advances in NMD diagnoses and treatments.

Training and Curriculum

We are providing NMD training for all educational levels through our monthly CPD-accredited webinars on genomics, clinical and research updates, and case-based rounds, delivering our weekly national neuromuscular fellowship curriculum, and coordinating the Royal College Area of Focused Competency committee. 

Community of Practice

We are creating a NMD-focused community of practice to provide a platform for knowledge sharing, networking opportunities, professional development, and specific training to support professionals to use emerging NMD therapies, assess outcomes, and capture real-word data.

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From Trials into Practice: Treatment Access, Health Economics and Leveraging Evidence

We are advocating for improved access to marketed medical and rehabilitation treatments for NMDs and evidence of efficacy beyond trial populations, evaluating the burden of illness for NMDs, and working with all stakeholders to leverage and understand real-world evidence.