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About Dr. Yaworski

I completed my undergraduate degree at Acadia University in Psychology and Neurosciences. Following this, I completed medical school at McMaster University and residency in Pediatric Neurology at the University of Alberta. I will be attending Stanford University this summer to complete my fellowship in neurophysiology and neuromuscular medicine.


Dr. Yaworski’s Blog

Growing up, I was not sure what career I wanted to pursue. As such, I chose a general psychology degree to focus on, and part way through discovered my passion for neurosciences. I completed my thesis using electroencephalogram (EEG) and Event-Related Potentials (ERPs) to try to understand which methods children used to read based on their age group. It was at this time that I discovered my love for pediatric neurology which continued throughout medical school.


I have been very fortunate to complete my residency at the University of Alberta’s Pediatric Neurology department and have been exposed to many subspecialties of neurology. I was drawn to the neuromuscular field because of the variety of disease presentations and pathophysiology. It is such a complex field and each localization opens up a multitude of neuromuscular diseases. I enjoy the challenge of trying to find answers for patients.


I have been exposed to the immense benefits that research and clinical trials can provide to patients with neuromuscular diseases. The expansion and advancements that have occurred over the last decade is fascinating. The fact that when I started my medical training spinal muscular atrophy (SMA) was a fatal disease, and that as I near the last few years of training there are already three Health Canada approved drugs to help treat this disease is incredible. I can only imagine where the intertwining fields of research and clinical medicine will bring us in the future.


As such, it comes as no surprise that I hope to one day pursue a career in academic medicine. I feel so fortunate to be able to learn and work with medical leaders in this captivating field, and look forward to being involved in opportunities going forward.