The Neuromuscular Disease Network for Canada


Early Career Working Group Update

The NMD4C is honoured to have 92 early career clinicians and scientists as members, comprising 25 percent of total NMD4C membership. 


Over the past several months, a number of these members have contributed to the network through presenting as a part of the NMD4C’s CPD-accredited webinar series, sharing their experience in the neuromuscular field in blog posts, and providing a unique perspective on the network’s activities. To further support our active early-career members, the NDM4C has created a list of profiles for these members, where you can learn more about their research interests, publications, and where you can find them online. Through sharing these profiles, the NMD4C hopes to foster new collaborations between clinicians and researchers, and help to connect early-career members of the neuromuscular community with senior investigators. If you are an early career clinician or researcher, you can find out more about how you can get involved here.


The NMD4C has also launched an early-career Slack channel, a members-only workspace created to connect early-career clinicians and researchers in the neuromuscular community.

This resource will promote networking for early-career members who share similar neuromuscular interests, act as a platform to exchange ideas and form future collaborations, and provide insight into the diverse work of other NMD4C members. The NMD4C will post updates in this channel covering early-career initiatives, events, and other opportunities within the neuromuscular community. If you are interested in joining, please email NMD4C communications coordinator James Davis (). 


The NMD4C is also seeking early career member representation on all of our work packages; if you would like to get involved, please express your interest to communications coordinator James Davis.


In other early career news, the ENMC early-career mentoring program deadline for application is fast approaching; apply by July 1st, 2021 to express interest in application and to seek mentoring in order to become an independent researcher and/or potential future leader in the NMD field. This program is for individuals at the stage in their careers where they are developing their own research plans and are establishing their research teams and collaborative networks worldwide.

EC Update

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JND treatabolome

Treatabolome Project Designed to Shorten Diagnosis-to-Treatment Time for Patients with Rare Diseases

The NMD4C would like to share the publication of a special issue of the Journal of Neuromuscular Disease dedicated to the Treatabolome, a new online database for rare disease and gene-specific treatment information. The special issue includes six systematic reviews contributed by experts on rare neurological disorders.


Neuromuscular Research Funding Announcements From Jesse’s Journey and Muscular Dystrophy Canada

The NMD4C is excited to share recent grant funding announcements from two of our partners, Jesse’s Journey and Muscular Dystrophy Canada. Jesse’s Journey will grant $1.7M toward four promising research projects this year. Muscular Dystrophy Canada (MDC) will invest $400,000 towards seven new research projects through the MDC Neuromuscular Disorder (NMD) Research Grant Competition and through the European Joint Programme on Rare Diseases (EJP RD).

newborn screeningMay

Muscular Dystrophy Canada Announce Phase 2 of Newborn Screening Initiatives with Call for Funding Proposals

MDC is excited to launch Phase 2 of their work with a call for proposals for local newborn screening for SMA initiatives. It is anticipated that these projects will be led by labs or clinicians (or both) and should either focus on setting the lab up for testing or ensuring efficient uptake of policy (i.e., addition of SMA to existing provincial newborn screening panel).


Read Dr. Louise Moyle’s Early Career Blog

Read the latest early career blog post, from NMD4C member Dr. Louise Moyle. 


Jesse’s Journey Grants $1.7 Million to Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy Research

Jesse’s Journey, Canada’s leader in Duchenne muscular dystrophy funded research, will grant $1.7M toward four promising research projects this year.

Bonnie Wooten profile pic

Introducing NMD4C Clinical Trial Concierge Bonnie Wooten

To facilitate the network’s Clinical Trial Coordination activities and to meet this demand, the NMD4C is excited to announce the hiring of Bonnie Wooten, who has joined the team in her role as the Clinical Trial Concierge. In her role, Bonnie will work with all stakeholders including clinicians, families, and industry.